Who is HAMtasia?

HAMtasia is a cartoonist and connoisseur of kitsch who draws inspiration for our art from the massive store of trivia and ephemera accumulated in the course of our lifetime. When addressing us, please use our preferred pronoun, the Royal We. HAMtasia makes our home in the scenic wonderland of the Pacific Northwest with our Johnny Mac and our Corgis, Hank and Dean.

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Our Chosen Materials

HAMtasia uses acrylic paints and markers for our work because the scent of linseed triggers art school PTSD. Sometimes we paint on new canvas; sometimes we recycle from the failure pile in our closet. But mostly we paint on cardboard.

Cardboard? Why?

It holds up to acrylics with or without gesso, and works well with HAMtasia's impatient, multi-layered style. It adds a fabulous texture to our lazy colorblock backgrounds. And it's FREE, fool! Canvas is pricey. Cardboard can literally be found on the side of the road. Cardboard can be layered for strength or cut into any shape. Keep cardboard out of the landfill, kids - make art with it!

Yes, but cardboard won't hold up over time like canvas does.
Quality cardboard lasts for decades if you don't get it wet, expose it to bright light, or feed it after midnight.

One last question. What do you mean by "fine-ass low-brow art"?

Our work is not "fine art". "Fine art" are the boring landscapes and untitled abstracts found at any weekend Art Fair. We produce fine-ass art because our art is for the people, not the galleries. We find better company with Ratt Fink than Raphael, so we claim the descriptor "low-brow" as well.

It's a little known fact...

HAMtasia was a contestant on the 30th season of Jeopardy!, and, like fellow beer-and-trivia lover Cliff Clavin, we lost. (GODDAMN RED PANDAS!)

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