On New Year's Eve 1999, we watched the movie "JFK" for the first time. Incredulous at the veracity of the twisted conspiracy depicted in the film, we started studying the JFK mystery, which led to avid studies of alternative American history, CIA, Watergate, and our shadier presidents: Nixon, Bush I/Reagan, Cheney/Bush II.  Nothing in the many books we've read in the ensuing years could have prepared us for the chaos we're living now. The FDT Collection began in 2015 with a parody Garbage Pail Kids-style trading card series mocking the 17 GOP candidates for president, including Winner Winner KFC Bucket Dinner himself. The 2016 election and its ultimate end moved HAMtasia to create a slew of reaction paintings in 2017. At first they were fun to make and gave us a chuckle, but as our beloved Morrissey once sang, "that joke isn't funny anymore".

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